Spa In A Jar – The Perfect Mason Jar Pampering Gift!

A gift in a jar is an unusual but unique gift that can be both fun to make and a joy to receive. Today I’m showing you how to make the perfect pampering gift, a spa in a jar.

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A spa in a jar is a gift that can be given on many occasions such as valentines day, birthdays or Christmas. You could also give it to a friend or relative who just needs a little cheering up, Its the perfect self care gift in todays uncertain times!

I’ll list all the items in my spar in a jar, however you can easily change these to suit the recipient. The jar I have used is a Kilner round clip top storage jar. You don’t need to use the same jar but make sure the opening is large enough to fit all the items in.

IMG 0877

The items in my spa in a jar:

Cotton face clothEye maskUnder eye stripsFace maskExfoliating glovesHair mask Nail clippersTweezersNail fileToe dividersCuticle oilPink nail varnishNail top coat

When popping the items in the jar, try to arrange so the labels can be seen from outside. This way the recipient can see straight away what’s inside. It may take several attempts to get all the items looking the way you want inside the jar but just keep adjusting, you’ll soon get it looking perfect!

Once satisfied with the look of the jar its time to add on some decorations. I prefer simple decorations so have just attached some ribbons and a label. You don’t have to stop there you could literally add any other decorations you wish.

IMG 0856

You can either attach a store bought gift tag or make your own personalised gift label. If you would like to the use the label I have used, you can download it here.

Colorful Patterned Product Label

Wandering what else you could put in your spar in a jar?

You could make it travel themed with some travel essentials such as a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitiser wipes, hand sanitiser as well as some travel shampoo, conditioner and soap bars.

How about a manicure or pedicure kit with a selection of tools, nail polish and maybe include some homemade foot scrubs and soaks.

You could also add some candles, chocolates, and maybe an alcoholic drink such as a miniature bottle of wine or ingredients for a cocktail or two?

The list of items you can use is truly endless. These spa in a jar gifts don’t also have to be for the females in your life. How about putting together a gift for the man in your life after all they need some pampering now and again too!

For more inspiration on mason jar gifts, check out my Christmas Mason jar gift guide here.

You can either gift a spa in a jar as it is or for someone special you could add a cozy robe and slippers, a beautiful smelling candle and a bottle of wine for the perfect pampering gift!

IMG 0871

So there you have it, the perfect spa in a jar gift. I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to create some special gifts of your own. If so let me know in the comments below.

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