101 Self Care Ideas To Increase Wellness!

Do you ever forget to look after yourself? I know I do! It’s easy to get bogged down with work and family responsibilities. Before you know it you’re left feeling stressed, anxious and rundown! Read on to find out what self care is, why it’s important as well as 101 self care ideas to get you started!

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What is self care:

Self care is any activity that people do that helps promote a healthy mind, body and soul. Many people think self care is just loving yourself, however it’s more than that. It’s finding the time to enjoy yourself, to relax or unwind as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Although this seems a simple process, it’s surprising how many people overlook this concept.

What self care isn’t:

Although most self care activities include doing things you may enjoy, its not an excuse to do whatever you want, whenever you want!

Here are 3 things self care isn’t:

1. An excuse to continually be unhealthy: A cheat day every once in a while is fine, however you can’t use “self-care” to justify poor habits.

2. Spending excess money on yourself that you don’t have is an easy way into debt. Not the best way of reducing stress!

3. Selfish, If you can’t look after yourself properly, how can you look after anybody else?

No time to read, save for later:

Self care ideas

Why is self care important:

Stress is one of the major factors that can affect our health and wellbeing. However, in todays world, stress in never far from our lives! If not managed properly stress levels can build up and have detrimental effects on our health. Therefore it’s important to incorporate stress relieving activities into our daily living activities.

One of the best ways of relieving stress is with self care activities. Many self care techniques alongside small lifestyle changes can help manage many mental health symptoms. They can also help some illnesses from getting worse.

Taking time to enjoy some self care activities can also give you a much needed boost, especially after a bad day.

If you are feeling stressed, rundown or starting to feel like things are starting to get on top of you, then make some time for some self care activities.

To get you started, I have listed 101 self care ideas that can help reduce stress and improve your health and wellbeing. Not all these activities will be suited to everyone, however its sometimes worth getting out of your comfort zone and trying something unexpected.

Self care ideas

101 Self care ideas:

1. Go for a walk.

2. Enjoy a long, hot bubble bath.

3. Have a lunch date with some friends or family.

4. Have a spa day at home.

5. Cook your favourite recipe.

6. Read some poetry.

7. Listen to your favourite music.

8. Practice some yoga.

9. Watch a sunrise.

10. Watch a sunset.

11. Watch a movie.

12. Get a manicure, either do it yourself or get it done professionally.

13. Go the park and feed the ducks.

14. Go on a bike ride.

15. Spend time with a pet.

16. Start a gratitude journal.

17. Have a workout.

18. Bake something.

19. Make some homemade spa treats such as soaps or bathbombs.

20. Try out a new hobby.

Self care ideas

21. Go watch a sporting event.

22. Plan a night out with friends.

23. Spend time at your local wildlife reserve.

24. Take a trip to the beach.

25. Order a takeaway.

26. Try out some colouring books for adults.

27. Unplug from social media.

28. Get a massage.

29. Do something exhilarating such as skydiving.

30. Enjoy a picnic in a local park.

31. Take a mental health day.

32. Burn some relaxing candles.

33. Plan a surprise for someone special.

34. Take an on-line course.

35. Learn something new.

36. Meditate.

37. Indulge in some chocolate/sweet treats.

38. Get your hair done.

39. Take a road trip.

40. Buy yourself some flowers.

Self care ideas

41. Enjoy a lie in.

42. Diffuse some essential oils.

43. Listen to a podcast.

44. Start a journal.

45. Draw or paint a picture.

46. Watch a musical.

47. Take a nap.

48. Drink plenty of water.

49. Do something crafty

50. Watch funny YouTube videos.

51. Wear something that makes you feel great.

52. Declutter your space.

53. Go to a museum.

54. Practice gratitude.

55. Volunteer for your local charity.

56. Practice mindfulness.

57. See a therapist or counsellor.

58. Go for a hike.

59. Hang out with someone special.

60. Binge watch a new TV series.

Self care ideas

61. Treat yourself to something you have always wanted.

62. Skip household chores for the day.

63. Call someone special.

64. Do something you loved doing as a kid.

65. Take time away from those who drain you.

66. Do a puzzle.

67. Try a face mask.

68. Get at least 8 hours sleep.

69. Sing out loud to your favourite tunes.

70. Start a new DIY project.

71. Take yourself out on a solo date.

72. Give yourself a facial.

73. Go for a drive.

74. Have breakfast in bed.

75. Learn to say ‘NO’

76. Have a spring clean.

77. Go swimming.

78. Take a cold shower.

79. Do something that scares you.

80. Read a book purely for fun.

Self care ideas

81. Create a compliment jar.

82. Clean your car.

83. Read your favourite blogs.

84. Do some gardening.

85. Do a jigsaw

86. Have a PJ day.

87. Stargaze

88. Reach out to a friend.

89. Schedule your week/month ahead.

90. Go window shopping.

91. Go to your favourite restaurant or cafe.

92. Look back through some old photos

93. Join a support group.

94. Fix a small annoyance in your home.

95. Purge your closet and give what you don’t need to charity.

96. Hug somebody.

97. Cry if you need to.

98. Admire yourself in the mirror.

99. Spend time in the sun.

100. Re-arrange your space

101. Do something that makes you happy.

Self care ideas

Final thoughts:

It’s far too easy to just carry on with our lives without thinking of our own personal health and wellbeing. However, it only takes a few small lifestyle changes as well as incorporating a few self care activities to make a difference. I hope some of the above self care ideas have encouraged you to look at your own health and wellbeing. Maybe you already incorporate some of these ideas into your life already, if so let me know in the comments below.

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