100 Positive Habits That Can Improve Your Life!

For today’s post I’m going to share 100 positive habits that can change your life. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, looking to improve your career prospects, a student or just want to improve your daily life, your habits can either help your prosper or help you fail!

For most of us our daily habits limit our success. We have negative habits that constantly hold us back, habits that we just can’t shake off. For others, who possess a repertoire of positive habits, they can reach their goals much more easily.

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What are habits?

A habit something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it:

Cambridge English dictionary

In essence our habits are what make us, our good habits drive us forward whilst our bad habits hold us back. Therefore to reach our full potential it’s essential we get rid of those negative habits and beliefs and replace with positive ones.

Of course, it’s not always as simple as just deciding to change what we do. In fact letting go of bad habits and behaviours can be harder than we think. After all that’s why there called a habit in the first place.

How do we develop good habits?

Developing good habits can take a considerable amount of time and hard work. For many of us we start off with good intentions, however gradually we fall back into our old habits without even realising it.

We’ve all been there, January is round the corner and we make all these healthy new year resolutions only to be back were we started by March.

As we introduce new habits in our lives we expect our life to change quickly, however, changes don’t happen overnight. When we don’t see results quickly enough we get frustrated and discouraged, leading us to eventually give up.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Instead of taking on too much, try starting small, implementing small changes that eventually become habits. In other words don’t increase the effort untill the habit becomes a natural part of your day.

For example if you want to start eating healthy, instead of changing your whole diet, start with changing just one thing such as eating more fruit or veg. As this becomes the norm, add in another aspect such as reducing sugar intake. This may take more time to achieve your goals but its also much more sustainable and your more likely to succeed.

For those of you wanting to incorporate some more positive habits into your daily life I have listed 100 positive habits to get you started. Now, most of these habits alone probably won’t make a huge difference to your life, however when a few of them are combined together you will no doubt see some great improvements.

Like I said previously don’t overwhelm yourself. Pick out a few simple habits and make them part of your life. You can gradually add more as and when you feel neccessary.

100 Positive habits that can improve your life:

1. Spend time in nature.

2. Practice meditation.

3. Go hug someone.

4. Try to laugh and smile more often.

5. Make time for self care

6. Do some sort of physical exercise everyday.

7. Eat well.

8. Take time to reflect.

9. Do something nice for someone.

10. Develop positive beliefs.

11. Get rid of clutter.

12. Read more.

13. Have a digital detox.

14. Start a journal

15. Let go of the past.

16. Don’t smoke.

17. Don’t compare yourself to others.

18. Re-evaluate your toxic relationships.

19. Be kind to yourself and others.

20. Take off your make up before bed.

21. Take time to rest if need be.

22. Indulge in regular pampering sessions.

23. Eat more fruit and vegetables.

24. Choose healthy fats.

25. Reduce sugar intake.

26. Drink an extra glass water each day.

27. Sleep more.

28. Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

29. Find creative alternatives to unhealthy foods.

30. Have a morning routine.

31. Follow your dreams.

32. Swap soda for water.

33. Use essential oils to boost your wellbeing.

34. Look after your skin.

35. Use sunscreen.

36. Travel and seek out new cultures.

37. Make a bucket list.

38. Eat more superfoods.

39. Drink less alcohol

40. Donate to a food bank often.

41. Always listen to your body.

42. Forgive and let go of anger.

43. Correct your posture.

44. Incorporate balance exercises into your fitness routine.

45. Surround yourself with positive people.

46. Maintain good oral hygiene.

47. Try taking cold showers.

48. Say NO to things you don’t want.

49. Introduce positive affirmations.

50. Listen to your intuition.

100 Positive habits that will change your life

51. Watch less TV.

52. Check your breasts.

53. Visualise your dream life.

54. Use the stairs instead of lifts.

55. Always go to your routine health checkups.

56. Learn to step out of your comfort zone occasionally.

57. Get 10,000 steps daily.

58. Value your alone time.

59. Eat less red meat.

60.  Prioritise your to-do list and go after the most difficult task first.

61. Seek out new learning opportunities.

62. Have occasional treats.

63. Do a daily thought dump.

64. Set regular goals for all areas of your life.

65. Give your best at all times.

66. See failure as a stepping stone to success.

67. Choose organic if possible.

68. Be yourself.

69. Always make time for family and friends.

70. Set deadlines.

71. Go outside every day.

72. Do something that scares you.

73. Call or chat to a loved one regularly.

74. Have plants around the house.

75. Try dry brushing to boost circulation.

76. Keep finances in check.

77. Have a hobby.

78. Listen to music.

79. Walk instead of driving if you can.

80. Take responsibility for your actions.

81. Look after your mental health.

82. Find ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

83. Be a good listener.

84. Drink less caffeine.

85. Try not to worry about things you can’t control.

86. Donate unwanted items to charity.

87. Eat less processed food.

88. Do your taxes.

89. Be punctual.

90. Practice gratitude.

91. Have an emergency fund.

92. Don’t make excuses.

93. Learn to take risks.

94. Live below your means.

95. Cook from scratch.

96. Donate to charity.

97. Be confident in your actions.

98. Eat at the table instead on in front of the TV.

99. Try out new recipes.

100. Live life to the fullest!

So there you have it, 100 positive habits to improve your life. How many of these habits do you possess? Have they made a difference to your life? Is there any other positive habits that you would add to this list? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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100 Positive habits that will change your life

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