My first 3 month blogging journey

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Want to know the real story of starting a blog and what you can achieve in the first 3 months? If so, my first blog report will give you an inside look at all my sats for my first 3 month blogging journey as well as my goals for the future.

My 3 month blogging journey

A little bit of background

For those of you who don’t know me, I started Louise Grace Blogs in September, publishing my first post on the 3rd September. However, I wasn’t completely new to the blogging world, I’d previously had a travel blog for a few years, although it wasn’t really getting much traction. I was lucky to get about 30 views a day at the most! Then once that dreaded virus hit, views plummeted to virtually zero. Eventually I decided to give it up, it was costing me so much time and effort as well as money I just couldn’t justify it all.

I shut down my travel blog blog in the May but by August I was itching to start a new one! That’s when I decided to start a lifestyle blog! This way I could write about anything I wanted and wouldn’t be restricted to one particular niche. So that’s how Louise Grace Blogs was born, I did wonder about using some catchy phrase as a blog name but after weeks of trying to come up with something I decided to keep it simple. Least this way as my blog develops I don’t have to worry about my blog name still being relevant in the future.

Of course I still love travel and once my lifestyle blog gets up and running and covid is out the way I hope to resume my travel blog as Louise Grace Travels.

Month 1: September

So originally I was planning to write about 5-10 posts in advance and publish my blog in October. However this didn’t go to plan. Although I already knew my way around WordPress, I still ended up publishing my blog and first post by accident! I done exactly the same thing with my first blog so you think I would have been more careful! Dozy mare!

So instead of leaving a blank website sitting there I decided to just go with it and publish as I go. I set myself a huge target of writing and publishing 3 blog posts a week just so I could get as much content on my website as possible. In total, I published 9 posts in September, 12 in October and 13 for November.

I didn’t really give myself any other goals for my first 3 months, I just wanted to concentrate on getting my blog up and running and hopefully get some views. As my previous blog was only getting around 30 views a day, I hoped that I could reach a similar target by Christmas. You hear so much about bloggers reaching huge milestones when they first start blogging but for the majority of new bloggers this success doesn’t happen over night. However by November I was in for a little surprise!

September traffic:

My 3 month blogging journey

Most popular posts in September:

1. 30 Day self care challenge (43)

2. 90 Inspirational travel quotes to fuel your wanderlust (33)

3. 40 beautiful fall decoration ideas (25)


During my first month as I didn’t really have much content to market on Pinterest, I was pinning a lot from other bloggers. I did have an annual tailwind account from my previous blog so instead of wasting more money, I contacted them and they transferred over the account which was a great help! By using the Tailwind Communities I was able to pin similar content from other bloggers to my Pinterest account which helped me start building up a small following.

As you can see from the screenshot below I was getting very little impressions and clicks from Pinterest during September.

3 Month blogging journey

My social media stats for September:

Instead of using the same social media accounts as my travel blogs and just changing the name. I decided to set up completely new accounts, so I started from zero with all of them.

By the end of September these were my stats on social media:

Twitter followers: 101

Facebook page likes: 20 (although these were mostly close friends and family)

Instagram followers: 10

Pinterest followers: 79

To be honest I never really tried to grow any of my social media accounts throughout September as I was mainly concentrating on writing quality content. My plan for the following few months was to try and concentrate on growing one particular account instead of spreading my time out too thinly.

Month 2: October

October traffic

Thanks to Pinterest I was starting to see some clicks to my website. Around the middle of October I even managed to get a little viral activity which lead to getting a couple of hundred views over a 3 day period. However, this was short lived and my views went back to normal afterwards. Then towards the end of October I started to see a little growth thanks to a Christmas post that was posted back in September!

My 3 month blogging journey

Most popular posts in October:

1. 30 Mason jar Christmas DIY gift ideas (207)

2. 101 self care ideas (51)

3. 30 Day self care challenge (40)


By October I had a few posts to market on Pinterest so I started making lots of pins! In fact I went a bit crazy and got a bit obsessive with it! For each new post published I was making around 100 fresh pins to market on Pinterest. Of course I wasn’t pinning these all at once but I did build up a good bank of pins that I could schedule throughout the day using Tailwind. I did try to manually pin using Pinterest’s manual scheduler but I found it took too long and was limited to only 30 pins at a time. I gave up on this pretty quickly! During October I was pinning around 20 fresh pins a day via Tailwind.

As you can see my clicks from Pinterest stared to increase throughout October. You can see from the screenshot below the viral activity around the 10th of October and then my clicks starting to grown gradually throughout the rest of the month. I believe this viral activity was due to a big Pinterest user in one of my Tailwind communities pinning one of my pins to their own Pinterest account.

Up until this point I was sceptical of using Tailwind and Pinterest to get views to my blog as I knew many bloggers had been reporting big drops in link clicks and impressions but I thought since I had it I might as well give it a try!

3 Month blogging journey

My social media stats for October:

By the end of October these were my social media stats:

Twitter followers: 260

Facebook page likes: 44 (again mostly friends and family)

Instagram followers: 22

Pinterest followers: 120

Month 3: November

November traffic

During November I started to see a real increase in blog traffic thanks to Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest was responsibly for around 90% of all my traffic.

By the end of November I had my best views ever with 508 views! I was absolutely made up with this, I’d never thought that I’d be getting those type of views so early on!

However, as you can see below, Most of these views came from one particular Christmas post with several pins becoming viral. One particular pin has had 157K impressions with 3.2K click links and is still going strong!

My 3 month blogging journey

Most popular posts in November:

1. 30 Mason jar Christmas DIY gift ideas (4829)

2. Spa in a jar, the perfect pampering gift (135)

3. My self care morning routine (114)


As said previously, Pinterest is responsible for the majority of all my blog traffic. You can see just how much my impressions and clicks have grown throughout November. I did have a little dip around Thanksgiving which is normal but it bounced right back pretty quickly.

As my Pinterest account is still relatively small with only 235 followers at the end of November, I put down this success to Tailwind. I have around 5 viral pins for my mason jar post and each one of them was originally posted in my Tailwind communities.

For those of you wanting to give Tailwind a whirl, you can sign up for free with my affiliate link and we’ll both get £15 free credit when you upgrade to a Tailwind Plus account. Tailwind has not only helped grow my traffic it’s also an easy way of scheduling pins in advance. Once scheduled you can just sit back and focus on writing quality content!

3 Month blogging journey

My social media stats for November:

By the end of November these were my social media stats:

Twitter followers: 345

Facebook page likes: 90 (again mostly friends and family)

Instagram followers: 45

Pinterest followers: 235

Highlights from the first 3 months

My 3 month growth:

My 3 month blogging journey
3 Month blogging journey

As you can imagine I am really pleased with the growth of my blog so far. However as most of these views are Christmas related I’m fully aware that after Christmas I’m set to have a very big decline in traffic again. However, by the new year I’m hoping some of my other content can pick up and start getting me more views.

During November I have also added a subscriber form to all my posts with the help of Convertkit, so I’m hoping to start gaining some email subscribers which will help increase my views in the future.

Some of my SEO efforts have also started to have an impact with 2 of my blog posts showing in Googles top 30. They haven’t got many clicks so far, averaging only one or two a day but it’s a start!

Plan for December

So for December I’m hoping to take advantage of the Christmas traffic and grow my traffic even more. In fact I’ve given myself a huge target of reaching 10K views! I know this is a huge challenge but if my growth continues as it has, then this is well within reach!

I am also focusing on getting all my January content written and scheduled ahead of time incorporating some new year inspiration and hopefully some Valentine’s Day posts.

I have also invested in some courses to help me grow the blog. The first two are Pinterest with Ell and Managing sales with Ell, both of which have been highly recommended! Ell also has some really good free courses that I’ve already completed which cover how to start a blog from scratch, blog traffic crash course and an insta strategy crash course. All of which I can fully recommend!

I have also invested in the Brave at Business bundle which includes lifetime access to 40+ courses, ebooks and templates from some of the best in the business!

Once I’ve finished these courses, I’ll defo let you know how I get on!

Goals for December:

Publish 10 Blog posts

8,000 sessions


400 Pinterest followers

400 twitter followers

Did you reach your November goals? What are your blogging goals for December?

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my first 3 months blogging journey. Are you a new blogger or wanting to start a blog? If so, let me know how you’re getting on or if you have any questions in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading,

Louise Xx

My 3 month blogging journey

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