The best smelling DIY exfoliating loofah soap bars!

Loofah soap bars

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These homemade loofah soap bars smell amazing and are so easy to make. I made these in just 30 minutes and scented them with lemon, sweet orange and mint, perfect shower invigorating fragrances! However you can use whatever fragrance and colour scheme you like. The possibilities are endless!

These loofah soaps also make lovely gifts for birthdays and Christmas, just wrap them up and add some ribbon. If looking for that perfect pampering gift why not make a spa in a jar and add in your freshly made loofah soap bars.

For Spa in a jar inspiration, check out my homemade mason jar pampering gift guide here.

How to make loofah soap bars:

loofah soap bar


700g Clear glycerin melt and poor soap
1 Natural loofah
20-30 Drops of your favourite essential oil
Soap colourant

Microwave or double boiler
Silicone soap moulds
Bread knife
utensil – for stiring
Microwaveable bowl
Digital scale

1. Cut the loofah into strips, be sure to take into account how deep the moulds are. Place the loofah strips into each of the moulds.

2. Chop the melt and pour soap into small chunks and slowly melt over a double boiler. For those using a microwave, cook on high heat for 30 second intervals, stiring in-between untill soap has completly melted.

3. Once completly melted, add in soap colourant and your favourite essential oils. For my loofah bars I used lemon, sweet orange and mint.

4. Stir untill everything is mixed together completly. Immediately pour melted soap into moulds making sure loofah is covered completly.

5. Allow the soap to completly dry, 2 hours should be enough time.

6. Once dry, gently pop the soap out of the moulds.

7. The loofah soap bars will now be ready to use, place in an airtight container and use as desired.

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