December blog report

December blog report

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If you read my 3 month blogging journey post you would know that in my first 3 months of having Louise Grace Blogs I had managed to grow my traffic to over 6 thousand views in November alone. This December blog report will follow on from that and show how my blog has progressed in December and show my goals for January.

December blog report

December goals:

In case you haven’t read my previous blog report here’s a little recap of my December goals:

Publish 10 blog posts: Success – I actually published 13 blog posts in December, averaging 3 a week.

10,000 Views: Success – I actually got 18,558 views which I can’t actually believe! Most were for one particular Christmas post which has done really well on Pinterest but I’m still pretty amazed that I got this many views in December after just 4 months blogging!

8,000 Sessions: Success – I actually got 15,176 which is incredible!

400 Pinterest followers: Success – My Pinterest account has gradually started to gain momentum and I’m now getting a steady stream of new followers daily. I ended the month with 465 which I’m really happy with.

400 Twitter followers: Success – My twitter account stalled a bit during December as I just didn’t have the time to tweet! However I still managed to get 402 followers by the end of December which I’m really happy with.

December blog report:

December growth

Thanks agin to Pinterest I received nearly 19k page views in December! In fact, on a couple of occasions I even managed over 1000 page views in a single day which I’m really proud of! If only I could manage that every day lol. In total Pinterest has been responsible for around 90% of all my website traffic! So its really worth putting in some effort with a good pinning strategy!

The only issue I had though was that most of my website traffic was for one particular post, my Christmas mason jar gift guide. This meant that I’m likely to see a big crash in traffic come January! If only I could work out how to get some of my regular posts to go viral! If ya have any tips let me know!

For those of you wandering if I have made any money blogging, that answer is a big fat NO. I have recently joined some affiliate programs and have made $8.17 from Amazon, however this figure falls well below the payout threshold lol.

I’m hoping in the next few months to start incorporating some more affiliate posts and start making some affiliate income. However at the moment I am focusing on trying to build up my traffic with the aim of joining Mediavine by the end of the year! Wish me luck with that one lol.

December 2021 blog report

Top performing posts in December:

1. 30 Mason jar Christmas DIY gift ideas (14,869)

2. 40 ways to make life better in 2021 (432)

3. How top make a spa in a jar pampering gift (323)


December 2021 blog report

As previously stated Pinterest was responsible for the majority of my traffic in December. You can see from the graph above that my impressions and clicks grew pretty well and stayed steady throughout the month and then you see a big drop just before Christmas Day.

With most of my views coming from my Christmas post this was expected. However, this post still gave me around 200 views a day after Christmas Day which I was really surprised at. Even as I write this in January the same post is still giving me around 100 daily views!

My Pinterest account has grew steadily throughout the month with nearly 500 followers, however I still put my success down to Tailwind! Not only has it helped my pins get out to a bigger audience its also saved me a tonne of time scheduling pins!

For those of you wanting to give Tailwind a whirl, you can sign up and try for free here. They really do offer a super easy way to plan, schedule and analyse all your Pinterest or Instagram posts. It really is a game changer! Once all your pins are scheduled you can sit back and focus on writing quality content!

Back in December I also purchased Pinterest with Ell which shares some useful Pinterest tips and tricks as well as some great Pinterest pinning strategies! This course is very well written and came with some great reviews so I’m hoping to see some more Pinterest growth in the next few months!

SEO Progress

My SEO progress has been quite slow but to be honest I haven’t really put in much effort to building any backlinks, hence why my blog authority scores are still very low. Hopefully as I start to build more backlinks I will start to see some improvements and hopefully more google impressions and link clicks!

MOZ domain authority: 1 – This may not seem like much but for the past 3 months my blog hasn’t even registered on the MOZ website so at least I can now start to improve it!

Semrush authority: 11 – Unlike MOZ My Semrush authority has grown to a pretty respectable number for a new blog.

Organic keywords: 34 – I have finally started to get some organic keywords on google, however most of these posts are ranking between 20-100 so I’ve not received many link clicks yet.

Number of backlinks: 45 – Again I’m starting to get some backlinks to my website, although to see some better SEO progress I really need to improve on this!

Social media stats

By the end of December these were my social media stats:

Twitter followers: 402

Facebook page likes: 91

Instagram followers: 55

Pinterest followers: 465

Plan for January

So for January I’m just hoping that my traffic doesn’t crash too much! If I can get at leat 250 views a day I’ll be pretty happy! I know this will mean a big decrease in traffic but I fully accept that December was defo not the norm for me. Without my Christmas posts I would have only received around 50 views a day throughout December. So if I can manage more than that I will defo be moving in the right direction!

In January I am also going to focus on creating some New Year inspiration and Valentine’s Day posts as well as try and plan ahead for the next few months.

I am also hoping to create a lot more back links and be more social on social media especially Twitter! Facebook and Instagram will remain on the back burner until I’m more established on Twitter and Pinterest as I don’t want to spread myself out too thin.

Goals for January

Publish 10 blog posts

550 Twitter followers

550 Pinterest followers

6,000 Sessions

7500 Page views

Did you reach your December goals? What are your blogging goals for January?

I hope you have enjoyed reading my December blog report. Are you a new blogger or wanting to start a blog? If so, let me know how you’re getting on or if you have any questions in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading,

Louise Xx

December blog report

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