15 Best body scrub recipes

Best body scrub recipes

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Do you love a good body scrub? If so, why not make your own and save yourself a few pounds in the process! I am a complete convert to DIY body scrubs, they are easy to make and don’t include all the sketchy ingredients in some store bought body care products.

To get you started I’ve put together some of my favourite DIY body scrub recipes. A homemade body scrub is not only good for your skin, they also make great DIY gifts! Just fill up a pretty jar, add a label or gift tag and you have the perfect pampering gift.

15 Fabulous DIY body scrub recipes

15 Best body scrub recipes:

Body scrub recipes

Mermaid Sugar Scrub

We all secretly want to feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid sometimes. This coconut-scented DIY Mermaid Sugar Scrub recipe will leave you feeling like a mermaid, even if you aren’t anywhere near the ocean!


Image source and full recipe here

Best body scrub recipes

Lemon and Lavender

Revitalise your hands with this simple DIY hand scrub that smells amazing! This fabulous homemade hand scrub is great for gardeners as well as its great for removing odours from hands too!


Image source and full recipe here

Best body scrub recipes

Cucumber and Mint Sugar Scrub

This is one of my favourite body scrub recipes, It smells divine and is so refreshing! The perfect early morning body scrub!


Image source and full recipe here

Best body scrub recipes

Vanilla and Brown Sugar Scrub

This all-natural Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub recipe smells good enough to eat plus it’s super easy to make! It can soften and exfoliate your entire body. A simply perfect homemade beauty DIY made with coconut oil!


Image source and full recipe here

Best body scrub recipes

Sea Salt Sugar Scrub

Revive dry, dull skin with an easy homemade sea salt scrub! This natural DIY salt scrub recipe with is exfoliating, detoxifying and nourishing at the same time. Hydrating coconut oil and shea butter provide moisturisation, while a blend of revitalising essential oils tones and tightens your skin.


Image source and full recipe here

Best body scrub recipes

Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub

What a perfect birthday gift for anyone! Adults and kids will love getting this sweet smelling self care sugar scrub for their birthday.


Image source and full recipe here

Body scrub recipes

Whipped Coffee scrub

This easy homemade recipe boasts many body benefits that help to protect, nourish and exfoliate your skin keeping it healthy, smooth and radiant.


Image source and full recipe here

Body scrub recipes

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

With coconut oil and essential oils, this easy 4-ingredient peppermint sugar scrub will gently exfoliate tired, dry skin, leaving it soft and smooth.


Image source and full recipe here

Sugar scrub recipes

Activated Charcoal Salt Scrub

This DIY activated charcoal salt scrub recipe uses sea salt, coconut oil and essential oils to help smooth, cleanse and nourish skin.


Image source and full recipe here

DIY lip scrub recipes

Cotton Candy Lip Scrub

This Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub smells delicious and is the perfect scrub to get cracked lips all silky smooth again!


Image source and full recipe here

DIY Body scrub recipes

Lemongrass and Chamomile Foot Scrub

After a long day at work, after shopping, or just because you need a little pampering, this foot scrub is a much needed treat for your feet! Natural ingredients will leave your feet soft, moisturized, and re-energized. 


Image source and full recipe here

DIY body scrub bars

Rose Sugar Scrub Bars

These DIY Exfoliating Sugar Scrub bars with rose petals are easy to make and they do wonders for rough and dry skin. Infused with rose petals and beetroot powder they cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and moisturize, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.


Image source and full recipe here

Body scrub recipes

Orange and Mint Sugar Scrub

The perfect mix of citrus with a hint of peppermint. This sugar scrub is the perfect way to get smooth, silky skin any time of the day!


Image source and full recipe here

Body scrub recipes

Vanilla and Honey Lip Scrub

It’s a lip-smacking combination of honey, white chocolate, vanilla, and tangerine essential oil. It smells delicious and tastes amazing!


Image source and full recipe here

Sugar scrub cubes

Lemon Sugar Scrub Cubes

This lemon sugar scrub recipe is made into cubes making gift-giving easier or just making less of a mess when you need a good exfoliating pampering. It’s one of my favourite DIY body scrub recipes of all time!


Image source and full recipe here

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So there you have it, 15 of my favourite body scrub recipes. I hope some of these ideas have inspired you. If so, let me know in the comments below.

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15 Fabulous DIY body scrub recipes

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2 thoughts on “15 Best body scrub recipes

  • Reply Clarissa November 21, 2020 at 12:28 am

    Wow Louise, what a great list! So many of these look so amazing! I made a sugar scrub from a recipe I found on a blog once, and their was so much coconut oil in it that it made my tub quite slippery and great for quite awhile after! 😬 Are there any of these that you could recommend that are not so oily?

    • Reply Louise November 21, 2020 at 12:53 am

      Hi Clarissa, yeah unfortunately most DIY body scrubs do have a fair amount of oil in them as this is what gives you the silky soft skin. However you could reduce the amount of oil you use and make the scrub a drier consistency. Try half of what the recipe says and see how it looks, you can always add more if the consistency is too dry. If you don’t fancy that then I recommend making the sugar scrub bars or cubes! Let me know how you get on 👍

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